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Moving Out, On and Up

I told myself I would wait to write this in our new home, a sweet and simple two bedroom (TTC here we come!) cottage in North Wales, and it’s number 13! Sadly time has ticked on, and although we have secured the house, we are only a little closer to moving in. Bummer. Let’s recap… Continue reading Moving Out, On and Up

A House Together

After deliberating, note-taking, planning and organising everything for a major phone call in our lives this very morning, J and I took an intake of breath as his mobile rang. Turns out we needn’t have prepared so much for a discussion about housing with our local authority here in Wales, UK. We are pretty much… Continue reading A House Together

A Major Countdown

It may not seem like much of a milestone, but J has finally given me the go ahead I wanted all along; I’m coming off of my Desogestrel pill! Don’t panic! We aren’t TTC, yet, but it’s still a cause to celebrate. So, Desogestrel is my mini-pill contraception, also known as Progesterone-only pill (POP). Since… Continue reading A Major Countdown

A Child Against All Odds

If you are in the midst of IVF, looking to start IUI or feel the need to ask for help from the reproductive industry due to ‘unexplained infertility’, I would wholly recommend you read this book. A Child Against All Odds is an accessible scientific look at the history, methods and numerous studies on in… Continue reading A Child Against All Odds


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